Some more Pictures from Egypt german
The great pyramide of Khufu (Cheops) with the remainings of the three pyramides of queens (Full Picture 94 KB). Pyramide-Plateau, Gizah.
The Sphinx on the plateau of pyramids at Gizah - since years the first view without a scaffolding
(Full Picture 117 KB). Between the forelegs of the Sphinx the "Dream Stela" of Thutmosis IV., 1419-1386 BC).
White Chapel of Sesostris I.,1971-1926 BC, Open-Air Museum at Karnak-Temple (Ipet-Isut; Luxor; Full Picture 85 KB). Please note, the Open-Air-Museum lays directly beside the great Temple of Amun (Karnak-Temple), but the entrance fee is noc included in the ticket for Karnak-Temple, you must bay a separate ticket for this small but intersting site. Most of the tourist guides do not inform their guests about this museum. Beside the White Chapel you will also find there the Red Chapel of Hatschepsut (1498-1483 BC, which was reerected by french egyptologists during the last years; see below) and the Chapel ("Sponge cake shrine") of Thutmosis II.(1504-1450 BC).
Part of the reliefs from the "Red Chapel" of Hatschepsut (since atumn 1999 the scaffolding used during the reerection was removed, a picture of the complete chapel will be added as soon as available). On the left panel, Pharao Hatschepsut can be seen offering in front of Amun, on the right panel she is offering in front of Amun who appears as Amun-Min (Full Picture 155 KB). On the right panel the figure of Hatschepsut who is standing right from Amun was chiselled out (most likely after Thutmosis III. has taken over absolute power). On the left panel, her throne name - Maat-ka-ra [= Truth (Maat) is the Soul(Ka) of Ra]- can be read in the cartouche (above the figure of Hatschepsut).
First pylon in Medinet Habu, Mortuary temple of Ramses III. (1182-1151 BC; Throne name "User-maat-ra, Meriamun" [= Powerfull is the Justice of Ra, Beloved by Amun). The so called "House of million years" of Pharao Ramses III., the "One who was unified with the kingdom of Amun in eternity" at the west bank near Luxor (Theben-West) is the best preserved mortuary temple.
(Full Picture 43KB).
The rock tombs above the nile at Aswan are not very frequently visisted by tourists. At the northern egde of the row of tombs one belongs to Sapunret I., a local lord at the times of Senwosret I. (1971-1926 BC). The tomb shows some strikingly nice reliefs depicting Sapunret I. together with his beloved dogs (left relief: Sapunret followed by a "Bearer of sandals" and his two dogs; right relief: Sapunret with one of his dogs; Full Picture 192KB).